7BOX noodles and rice

7BOX noodles and rice

Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Riyadh


Mecca Radhwa branch
Mecca Prince Sultan road branch
Riyadh Rabia branch
مكة المكرمة حي الشرائع

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7BOX Creatives

Shrimp rice 36 SR
Vegetables rice 16 SR
Chicken rice 30 SR
Meat rice 32 SR
Shrimp noodles 36 SR
Vegetables noodles 16 SR
Chicken noodles 30 SR
Meat noodles 32 SR

7Box creatives

Curry rice cheicken rice 36 SR
Sichuan crispy 42 SR
Special Curry 42 SR
Creamy lemon 44 SR
Lemon creamy box 44 SR
Dill shrimp rice 42 SR

Meal on your choice

Dynamite meat noodles 50 SR
Spring meat noodles 42 SR
Dynamite mix noodles 50 SR
Spring mix noodles 42 SR
Dynamite chicken rice
Spring chicken rice 42 SR
Dynamite mix rice
Spring mix rice 42 SR

little bites 4 pieces

Dynamite chiecken 28 SR
Tom Yum soup 20 SR
Creamy soup 15 SR
Konava shrimp 38 SR
دينمايت شرمب 33 ريال

سفن بوكس بالصوت والصورة

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