ICON | ايكون بولينج

ICON | ايكون بولينج

Qassim Buraydah Othman bin Affan

نحن نبعد عنك

the games

Pauling Evening period 50 riyals
Pauling period of the day 35 riyals
Balls in half an hour 25 riyals
Ballso hour 40 riyals
Plot an hour 25 riyals

Hot coffee

Hot Chocke
Spinch Latih 18 riyals
Courtado 13 riyals
Flat White 15 riyals
Captino 16 riyals
Latte 17 riyals
Americano 11 riyals
Espresso 9 riyals

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الواتس اب
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