ORICE specialty coffee/ اوريتشي قهوة مختصة

ORICE specialty coffee/ اوريتشي قهوة مختصة

Riyadh - Aqiq - Solimanyiah

hot drinks

Latte 17 riyals
Today's coffee is big 11 riyals
Today's coffee is in 9 riyals
V60 16 riyals
McCato 13 riyals
Americano 12 riyals
Courtado 14 riyals
Hot spinch 20 riyals
Flat White 15 riyals
Mocha 14 riyals
Espresso 10 riyals

cold drinks

20 rhwal
Ice Dirab 19 riyals
Macha 24 riyals
Latte 17 riyals
Orici Latih 22 riyals
Americano 14 riyals
Spinch Latih 22 riyals
Hibiscus 18 riyals

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