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build your website

design your website using your mobile

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your personal website in best case

make it easy for people to know about your products and services in single link and publish it in social media

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own electronic menu for your restaurant or coffee shop

electronic menu with beautiful look with many features

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in minutes you can sell your products, add products and start selling

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own your website in minutes

for any purpose design your website in fast way with full support and continous improvements

any content

upload images, videos, forms, contacts and links etc with no limits

design options

too many options for your design, control sizes, fonts and colors etc

e commerce

in a click convert your website to a store to sell your items

analytics tool

analytics tool to analyze how website visitors interact with your content

loyalty system

return your clients by using our loyalty system and let them buy more!

booking system

receive booking for your services our properties

rating system

get clients feedback for your products and services

all social media and contacts

link your website with your social media accounts: twitter, whatsapp, snapchat, instagram and google maps etc

gifts system

we provide you with a gift system, so your clients can purchase a gift to give it to their friends

our support

we know it is a problem when try to communicate with others support but with us it is not a problem any more

chat system

let people communicate with you in a chat without publishing your phone number


golden package

500 SAR per year

  • complete website contain too many type of content, images, videos, links and contacts etc
  • link with your custom domain
  • link with all social media accounts you have
  • integrate with whatsapp
  • importing data from Excel
  • control website design
  • analytics system
  • integrate with google ads, twitter ads, facebook ads, snapchat ads and too many platforms
  • multi language support
  • receive orders using your Whatsapp
  • e commerce system
  • loyalty system
  • gift system
  • chatting system
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platinum package

900 SAR per year

  • same gold package features including the following
  • we design the website for client
  • free domain
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our packages have yearly subscription

you do not need any technology skills to use mkan

no, you do not need any help by programmer to design your website

yes, you can pay using credit card or paypal

yes you can try all mkan features for 14 days for free

we are here to help you

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